Selected International Awards


As a visual artist I have more than a 40 year committment to the study and application of arts This should be self evident, but I feel I will have to augment some detail as to the description of my career in requisite to a portfolio of awards for my art as well as the detail listings which apply after years of work towards progress in my professional venue and attainment as a visual artist internationaly- Of course many artists attain awards as a matter of time in the field- When one works hard at ones craft, whether it be in the sciences, arts or general crafts, one is specific to the cause-All awards here, or nominations of awards generate a list in perspective- Not all awards or nominations are listed here as they would take up two pages- I have had over 100 nominations for various accolaides in my field- References can be applied to these-

Governors Award- Iowa 2007 for the rural project "Ritz Art Gallery and Cultural Center in Centerville-

First Prize-Collaberative Art Piece- Iowa County Fair, Eldon Iowa- Looking across the street and down the road I saw Grant Woods House in American Gothic-

Italy Residence

Trophy of Art Torino Italy 2006

Ordine della Michelangelo Buanarotti "Senato", Grand Trophy of Art in Italy-award, perpetual life exhibitions in Italy with the Accademia- Torino (Gruliasco) Italy

(Detail) In 2006 visual artists the world over, from many cultures decended upon Torino Italy for the Grand Trophy of Art Invitational Competition- Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Romania, Poland and many other countries were represented in the exhibit of International art of the Grand Trophy (Oscar della Arte) Exhibition held in the year of the Olympics in Torino- Various artists were ajudicated for the purpose of receiving the 'awards' for their country at this invitational- (Records are Kept and videos were made of each recipiant of the Oscar della Arte) The prize was a lifetime exhibition schedual for the recipiant of this award in Italy-Various sectors of art were adjudicated-abstract work as well as figurative and religious art- The function was held in Gruliasco Italy at the Church of Santa Maria, a 12th century Catholic Church where priests and religious people for centurys had come (and still come) for the ceremonies related to the Passion of Christ-  

Ist Prize (Grand Primo), Santa Maria della Arte, For Religious Art- During the years 2005 and 2006 I had created more than 30 pieces related to religious art through paintings and drawings in character to tradition- The piece that was awarded was a large oil on a "door" which signified the entry into paradise- (From a series) Documentation for this prize in the catalog of Santa Maria Della Arte-

Albo d'Oro (Listing on Website-In Italy)

1st Prize Medaglia Del Oro (Grand Primo) International Small Works Competition (Piccalo Formatto) Torino Italy 2005

Accademico Ordinario- Award as a purposeful artist who taught in Italy, part of a roster of working-teaching artists in Italy-


Italian-European Awards


 Many awards were offered to me during the years 2004-2006 regarding my work:

Nomination for Knighthood in the Italian Republic-Kt Order of Michelangelo Buanarott Art Knighthood-i, Torino Italy 2006-Personal Nomination by one of Italys most respected artists-

Nomination for Knighthood in the United States in the Religious order of IOSL (Order of Saint Luke)- Honorary/ Pending- Partially because I am a listed "chaplain" of the church- Now some can agree or dissagree, according to their preference of religion, or spiritual inclinations, but I have been ordained in several paths of perspective in the reformed Mennonite and Christian orders- This is more to the conviction of Faith than it is toward art in general- In the bigger aspect of things I feel it is all art!

Other Nominations-

Masters of Today-Genius-Trends- Volume in Europe recognizing the very top of the artist in their fields, Nomination to be included in books-

Strathmore Whos' Who Edition 2009-2010

Presidential Whos Who Edition 2010-11

Various Others 2010+


Nominations for 21st Century Award of Achievement-Cambridge UK

Outstanding Personalities of the 21st Century-Cambridge UK

Genius Laureate, Personal Recommendation-with seal and signature, for frontpiece of book of international celebrities in Sciences and the Arts-

Nomination for Noble Laureate of the Arts, by the ABIRA Committee in the United States

Books and Awards of Permanent Inclusion

Listings appearing in the Library of Congress as well as world Libraries in Europe and the World Over- (ISSN-ISBN) Numbers on Request

Leading Intellectuals of the World- Limited to 500 of world selected individuals in the Sciences and Arts, Edition of 2001 and 2004-One of the initate medal holders-Lifetime Member

Commenduci, Italian Arts Biography, Italy

Gibralter Who's Who of Professionals 2001 Issue-

Who's Who Historical Society-Permanent Listing (Since 1927)

Legion of Honor of the United Cultural Convention- Three personal Nominations

International Peace Prize for Art, UCC United Cultual Convention, selection for personal prize- Honor stated to be included in a roster of recipiants in the United Nations offices- A personal reference to UNICEF, sponsored by the UCC 2004

Men of Achievement, Great Britian (UK), 2 Page listing in permanent volume of record of achievement- 1998- Volume presented to the United States Counsolate Arts Sector in Prague Czech Republic-Library along with a portfolio of 4X5 works-

International Whos Who of Intellectuals, Great Britian UK-

Marquise Whos Who in the West, USA

"Hall of Fame", International Directory of Distinguished Leadership, United States of America 1998- Invited to be in a permanent list of recipiants for permanent record-

Five Hundred Leaders of Influence, USA-3 Page Inclusion

International Book of Honor, Britian UK

Cambridge Blue Book, Britian (England)

International Man of the Year, Cambridge UK-Britian, Silver Medal-Parchment for numerous accolaids in art achieved during the course of the mid-90's-5 nominations previous to acceptance-

Twentieth Century Achievement Award, Cambridge UK- List of Honor-IBC-Recipiant of Parchment and Sterling Silver Medal for this Honor

First Five Hundred, Cambridge IBC, Full Page Inclusion, Biography

 Award for 20th Century Achievement, United States--- Plaque

Notable Personalities, United States (Book)

Encyclopedia of Living Artists in America- 1 Page Inclusion 1990

Encyclopedia of Living Artists in America 2 Page Inclusion

Various Others-

Art News (Collectors Edition)

Manhattan Arts International

Art in America 1990's

Diciple Magazine-Religious 5 Page artical about my work and its trend setting advocation, 1990's

ArtSpeak, New York

Cover Magazine, New york




 Richard Ozanne  (Recipiant for the Arts when still a resident of the Czech Republic-After 5 Nominations) -Photo-                                                                                                                 Noble International Ambassadors 1999, Supported Order by ABRIA American Biographical at their international arts and communications  conventio

Millennium Hall of Fame-A Book


In 1997 I was offered to include my work in the "Hall of Fame-Dedication" section of a book by the name of "The Millennium Hall of Fame"- This book includes thousands upon thousands of names of people who are quite well known in their own countries- Many nations a represented of note- I have a three page inclusion in the tome amongst those the book is dedicated to- The work is permanently on view in the special book section of the Library of Congress in Washington DC- 

In Memory of Wolfgang Goethe..Philosopher

As a visual artist and discover of beauty, I was proposed a very special accolaide- This I keep in my heart! As a artist one knows their work, as a matter of ideal, as a matter of excellence attained- No parchment or medal could ever cover what is the artists mission as it is a life-long endeavor and has a very deep purpose! To some many might consider a consider art a hobby- but when one seeks this "truth" as a profession it is a life-long persuit that is suitable for only a very few- I cannot impress the general public, but I can peruse the aspect of a certain excellence as an artist- This of course is not often rewarded, as even the word "excellence" seems as a varity in todays society, many not really knowing what it takes to strive a path narrow through a world of media, fame and glory in hot persuit of vanity- Unfortunately this is not the true artists world- Although I have been listed among the "best" of todays artists it is the reign of silence that is most becoming!

Art never was about fame, but about the artistic discovery of beauty, inner truth and a path that is personally discovered- Only a very very few know of the enlightenment that is brought to the pallette and canvas or written in the hundreds of journals of discovery- Our world is of fashions provocation and not the age of enlightenment, choose us, this path! It is not that I have done such great things as those in Hollywood (I am first to admit that this type of fame or familiarity is not worth achieving, or is it? Must we be a livery on each door to have? The world and its issues can be confounding! Of course yes! And then no! A contrast of personal discovers yeilds both the elements of the known and the unknown- A kind of fame, the lost maryter is a definable cause, an artist alone in their studio in the active persuit of study is the only real fame that is worthy! Being an artist or musician, a writer or speaker of words, the accent should be on silence as the noise of our culture is deafening to greater aspects of the artist! Can we hear the sound of a butterflies wings landing on a rose? But we can hear the thunderous war machine making progress! In arts wake there is a certain reason for silence- In this silence one finds only some reasonable mention, the television turned off for discovery to happen, the wits about us turned to a completely different channel-

If the arts (the fine arts) are to continue, the artist must continue and be allowed to work- This must be his personal precidence, and that aim may take them into unchartered territory of personal discovery-

In my homeland I find very much difficulty today- The

realm of art has been closed off to many and even arts education has been affected- Of course its going to have an adverse effect on the future generations, how could it possibly not? Some will complain that the arts are not needed because of technological discovery, input and output new drafts of computers that make the arts obsolete- Of course not! There is much more territory to be discovered! We should hope that our future realizes that a renaissance could enable us to reach for these discoveries (which one can find through art) that will make our future more vibrant, free and give tomorrows children that valuable asset of discovery!,,15350096,00.html 

Five Hundred Leaders of Influence, a book....Biography 2 Pages




Masters of Fine Art Degree-1992, Arizona State University-   



Pianist Foundation of America:


Special Scholarship to Study in Italy (Private Donor) 1990- I was offered this unique perspective to enhance my graduate MFA Study in 1990- I lived and studied in Chiaveri Italy and travelled the country, utilizing this vestment and grant for study as well as exhibition of my work in Europe, Itay-

New Zealand Video and Exhibition Grant 1988, for the purposes of making a made for television documentary-ran more than 800 times over broadcast television in the late 1980s- New Zealand: Vision of American Painter, Richard Ozanne is still available for viewing on VHS-BETA/NTSC-PAL and New DVD High Resolution Format- This film was of a portion of the work I exhibited in Christ Church New Zealand as well as other work done from a year long preparation and travel to New Zealand, Australia in 1986 in preparation---

Special Studies Grant by the PFA for education in New York at Chautauqua and at the Art Students League 1983-86

I had received a special grant for materials through the Art Students League via the George Gross Supply Scholarship Fund in the 1980s that took care of art material during my intensive study at the ASL-by then director Rosina D'Florio, Director of the Art Students League of New York

Helen Temple Logan Scholarship- Arranged for Summers Study at Chautauqua New York in the years 1985-86, Solo Exhibition at Chautauqua New York also arranged in 1986

Hiroshima Memorial Award- Chautauqua Society of Peace, Chautauqua New York- First Prize and Third Prize Same Exhibition-

Other Awards and Honors

Allied Artists Organization, AAO Gallery, Buffalo New York-Honorable Mention for Painting-Revington Arthur 1979

Golden Key- National Honors Society, Tucson  For Photography- 1975 National Arts Club Exhibition, New York City 1970-71 Young Artists Exhibit