Richard Ozanne Biographical CV

Richard Ozanne

World-Renowned American Artist Richard Ozanne  was born May 20th 1959 in St Louis Mo. (USA)

     Mr. Ozanne as an artist who is continually re-introduced as a fellow of legacy through the multifaceted talents he has been given. He has exhibited the world over in numerous solo and group exhibits in New York City, Europe, New Zealand and Japan. Ozanne has a millieur of over 200 gallery and artistic appearances in United States and Europe which include museum, exhibition and gallery shows, as well as traveling exhibits, but as an artist he knows this is not the point. Creation is the point as well as the valuable venue of discovery. A noble prize could ever cover a life of continual  dynamics or honor that which is innate and within, this is the dimension within us, to rediscover the prime focus of beauty which glides at times away from us only to be rediscovered in the artistic creation. Ozannes' volume of work is extremely large (totaling more than 10,000 works done during his lifetime and a portfolio of 2000 works on CD-DVD)

As an artist he has appeared throughout the world in research, visiting to some of the most remote areas of the planet rediscovering  some of the most unusual ways of making art as well as painting. Some places he has traveled to in his research on art  are:

England, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Benelux, Sweden, Norway,
Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Denmark, Russia (invited to visit the former Soviet Union by the ministry of culture 1980), Ukraine, Belarus,  etc.
Iran, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma (Mayamar) Bhutan, Sikkim, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Kashmir, New Guinea, Australia, Borneo, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Peoples Republic of China (Cities of Beijing, Xian,Chundu, Shanghai and many others- Special permission of the PRC to visit Lhasa Tibet issued in 1985-One of the first visual artists to visit Tibet after its formal opening and invited to exhibit his works ) , Mexico, Fiji, Solomon Islands and country-states of Micronesia in the south pacific...and others.

He has recorded his ideas in more than 200 journals and hundreds of pages of research. (Unpublished essays and writings on Art, selected prose, fiction and poetry)

His art and work is influenced by his artistic research done in Europe and Asia. Some of the classical artists he has been influenced by include: Rembrandt, Goya, Delacroix, Ingres,Anders Zorn, Capek, Egon Schiele, Wassily Kandinsky, George Roualt, Gustave Klimpt (and the Expressionists).
In literature:  Dostevsky, Gogol, Kafka, Ezra Pound etc...
An Artists Statement:

"In current culture we often deny access to the fine art, having placed instead various forms of functionally oriented mass media to take their place. Fine art is rare now and will become rarer in the future. Art  will have to be protected by a ring of fire in order to survive what will become an eventual Alexandria.  Much of our modern art simply becomes a commodity that yearns to our insatiable commercial appetite for the easily disposed (usable and junk and detritus culture)  as well as proposing the quick and easy answers to long series of errors, which become compiled to gather a spurious notion rather than the actual notion of our time in history. What may be seen in the future is the Fahrenheit 451 effect..where mans efforts are left to State..even though we might call ourselves free in perspective"

"Art should mirror the culture and its age...necessarily an expression of the abstract as well as surreal because both of these terms apply as basics"

Ozanne's American academic background as follows and is stated as biography..or human background:
Ph.D, Doctor of Philosophy (Hon) Arts and Humanities, Specialized Research Prague Czech Republic, 1997,  Dissertation: Perceptual Phenomenon of color and the Electromagnetic Spectrum (a purely creative document in several sections about historical color use (from the artists vantagpoint and augmented perception in color - written in the spirit of artists and various interesting scientific viewpoints or principles -Robert Henri, Aristotle, Newton, W. Goethe Farbesleden-Color Theory, book one and two, WassilyKandinsky-Spiritual in Art, Fresnel, Nicola Tesla, Heisenberg, Max Planck, Schroedinger, Munsell and others.

MFA, Masters of Fine Arts, Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona 1992
Masters Study towards Degree:
Columbia University, City of New York (Graduate School)
Art Students League of New York, 4 years (Life membership in the League)
Private Study in New York City
BFA, Baccalaureate of Fine Arts, University of Arizona, Tucson Arizona
Chautauqua Institution Summer Schools, Chautauqua New York 1968-86
Private Study, Gustave Nebel, (of the Ecole d' Superior du' Beaux Arts), Revington Arthur (Chautauqua Art Department), David A. Leffel, Thomas Fogarty Jr. (Art Students League) Willson Stamper (Honolulu Academy), Fred Macetanz (Palmer Alaska), Richard Pousette d'Art (Art Students League of New York),

During his career Richard Ozanne has been the recipient of many awards and honours for his art in the USA, UK Britain, Continental Europe, (to be seen in awards section) .
To the artist Ozanne these are mile markers on a multi-million mile journey of discovery.

Ozanne has appeared in Art News, Art in America, Encyclopedia of Living Artists, Manhattan Arts International, New York Cover Magazine, Prague Review, ArtSpeak, Commenduci (Italia) as well as many other journals and books ...some highlighting the very best of current international achievement and available at the Library of Congress and International Public and Private Libraries.
(Represented catalog and ISSNs available)
Richard Ozannes interests include: Visual Arts, Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Writing,
Poetry, Science, Belief Systems (Metaphysics-Spirituality), Piano, Musical Composition


The Artists Statement

   During my numerous tours abroad as well as across the United States I have been impressed by the worlds need for the arts and this voice where 'the artist' is allowed a clear voice through the viewing of his work that can be uninterrupted by the cultures demand for entertainment rather than "Art" .  There is not enough emphisis placed on the arts in our current culture. In my view we have fallen way behind from any era of  the past two hundred years. I am hopeful that this is a phase of social development and not a permanent trend.

In a culture obsessed by media of all types that are preprepared for mass consumption we have little to lean back on that is the essence of our cultures greatest triumphs in the arts. Our culture  of instant gratification has given way to less personal expression and an age where the arts are less important than any age in the past.

 This is a bold statement but I believe it is a signpost to recognize for art is never a privilage but is needed by the cultures to represent the voice of the current day, and an evolution of personal expression and freedom through the arts and the personal voice which is all to readily squelched out for the mass rally of tastes and fashion.