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1983-1986 Artists Residence in New York City

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1983-86 Artist Residence in New York City

  • Study: Art Students League, Columbia University City of New York (Towards Masters of Fine Arts-Post Graduate)--Private Studio Study
  • Exhibitions in New York City, Experiences-
  • International Travel for Research: Peoples Republic of China ( Beijing, Xian, Chundu, Shanghai) One of the first noted artists to travel to Lhasa Tibet under government licence for visitation 1985) Korea, Europe (England and Eastern Europe)
  • Specialized Research

Residence in Tempe Arizona 1986-1994

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Residence in Tempe Arizona 1986-1994


  • MFA Degree, Arizona State University (1992)
  • Travels to Europe (France, Italy, Austria, East Germany, Poland, etc), Australia, New Zealand, Korea, for Exhibitions-Appearances for Arts
  • Research Explorations of Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Borneo etc for furthuring understanding of cultures and painting-
  • New York Exhibitions of Paintings in Group and Solo Shows, Abney Gallery, Ariel Gallery etc.
  • Exhibitions and Commissions-


Residence in the Czech Republic 1995-2003

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Residence in Prague Czech Republic as artist/teacher in residency 1995-2003

  • Phd 'Doctorate of  Arts and Humanities' study, post-post graduate for purposes of teaching (1997) dissertation on color, philosophy, and the electromagnetic spectrum-  Independant program offered by CSU for  foreign research-
  •  Asst. Professor/Foreign Lecturer Charles University Prague
  • International Exhibitions and appearances: Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary etc. (Artists in Embassy Program, Dept of State- American Cultural Center Prague , Kandinsky Institute KA, Czech Arts International Exhibitions etc- 
  • Invited to University of Oxford  and University of Cambridge UK- International Congress of Arts and Communications-
  • International Awards for Work-Publications


Residence in Italy (Europe) 2003-2006

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Artist (Richard Ozanne) Residency in Italy (Turin) 2003 to 2006

Artist resides in the City of Turin, lived and ajacent town of Venaria Reale--

Exhibitions with Accademia Internazionalle Santa Rita, Modern Group of Artists- Giallo, Rosso, Blue-

(Numerous--Email for specific exhibitions, times and places)

Cities and Appearances during Cultural Tour and Residence 2003-2006 On more than one occasion with astrisk*:

Torino, Milano*, (towns and villiages inbetween) Siena, Pisa*, Firenze** (Florence) , Chiaveri, Rappalo, etc etc. 

Cultural Travels, returns to Prague* and Czech Republic* Marianski Lazni, Karlovy Vary- cities in Austria--

Cultural Travels, Cannes, Nice (France) etc, Bussana Vechia, Monaco--

Artist Awards in Italy: Ordine Della Michelangelo Buannaroti- "The International Trophy of Arts" or Oscar of the Arts-Etc

Ist Prize, Medaglio del Oro-(Gold Medal) International Small Works Exhibition-2 catagories, Surrealism and Abstraction-

News Profiles: Resveglio Northern Italian Newspapers, The Academy artist magazine in Torino-La Stampa-

(Other Material on Request)

  • Production of Arts Video (Digital) of Work (1998-2005) in working state-Published over internet in partial (2005) Part I (Prague) Part II (Italy) *
  • Appearances as pianist in the celebrated Mappano Mappanese with piano works of Chopin, Liszt , Ginestera, Villa Lobos, and a special preview of "Ozanne" composition--Variation of Nineths and Elevenths written on the night before the tragic event of 9/11 during short term residence in Arizona before returning to Prague.

2006- 2009 The Road Across: A Ten Thousand Mile Artist Tour of America

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The Road Across- Journal of Artist Travels in the United States- 10,000 miles of the Road in America as an Artist/Traveler (Research/Material of Travels Across North America)

Began the writing of Details of travels from Europe to the USA after a long 7 year residence in Europe starting in Prague Czech Republic, through Italy and ending in Sedona Arizona (Still being written via journals and episodes) 930,000 views of partial sketch material during the period of 2009 to present- "A Rip Van Winkle Episodic Travel Journal of the Changes, both startling and 20/20 of the cultures and "Road Across" America-

This Piece is not concluded-


2006  Residence in Venaria Reale Italy- The Sudden Return to America after a personal romantic tragedy reaches a point of comedy and the unschedualed and unplanned road trip that took over 10,000 miles in perspective-

Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas, Tennesee, Kentucky, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Hawaii, California, Nevada- Long ventures, stories from the road of cultural oasis and vast deserts in between- Short term residencies and short stories of people involved from candid journal experiences- 

The artist Richard Ozanne has traveled all 50 states of North America (Aprox 60 crossing by car of entire continent of North America) as well as Alaska and Hawaii and around the world only to encounter another world in its entirety on the "Road Across"

2006 Arrival in US

Iowa- Texas Residency (Short Term), Travel-Appearances with Art and Music in current day America, Term Residency in Centerville Iowa (a group of stories) Across the Country with signature stories from the "Corn Belt" and small towns to the west...New Mexico, Arizona and California--Hawaii---The Road encountered again....Back East-- New York City---The Road Again West to California. (cultural visions as well as encounters visualized in detail, writing in this long journal as well as pictures and videos-- 

Inspirations, similarities, other writers who might have encountered the same interesting road : John Steinbeck, James Michner...etc. Experiments in detail of modern life in America, and cultural expectations--

As per 2012 

2009-2012 Personal Research/Spiritual Residence

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Project Details (location) Sedona Arizona, a small town in North Central Arizona. 2009/2012

  • Development of "The Road Across" Book, a journal of the artists travels across America. First sketches and progressive sketches as well as a number of journal entries, life and novel material about my travels into document form for later inclusion in archives-
  • Appearances in Houston and Austin Texas 2010-
  • Artists research on the written word in poety, prose, and novel dynamics as well as short story form,
  • "9 Minutes Before Eleven" Movie Script, developed from a longer journal, factual account of International intrigue during my residence in Czech Republic--180 pages shortened to lesser script for publication- This piece details a phenominal missing element of the "Prague Connection" that was happening in 1999, and journaled overheard plot of the 9/11 incident in Prague by the purpetrators - (Must* contact me regarding the viewing and resource of finished piece at ([email protected]) Submitted and certified by Screen Writers Guild of North America-
  • Archiving resources of classical piano music by my father pianist Ozan Marsh into mastered CD format for production from TAPE Masters-
  • Studio Production of Artwork intermittant:  A series of modern portraits, landscapes, abstract work in the media of oil, acrylic and intermedia- as well as multi-media prototypes produced in studio in Texas: 40 work- 85 works in progress out of Sedona Studio during period of having an art studio for private work-
2009-10  Development and mastering of media and musical tapes from archives of experimental data, performances, which involve a new and interesting process of 'neuro-acoustic" music-  (Privately held by me) for future exhibition--(Contact me for details regarding this material.

Other Projects:

  • Film/Motion Picture Appearance in "More than a Kiss" movie, in cast  speaking role ZGI Productions

The Return Home (After a 7 Year Life and Tour of Europe)

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Work on the "Road Across" a book on my travels across the United States from Michigan through the cornbelt-Iowa to Texas, and an over 10,000 mile artistic tour that took me across America to California. This book is for the person interested in what the arts mean now, what culture has developed into from "The Road Across" , from a journal kept from 2006 forward to the present day of "Modern America"- Stories from "The Road Across" highlight America from the travelers perspective, including small stories of characters involved in a real-life set of numerous episodes which give the reader bredth into the culture that now exists from my journal, an interpretation of an American Artist returning home after over 7 years residence in Europe encountering many different perspective from the world which he left---Compare and Contrast- (928,000 Viewings over European and American Servers- 2012 is the date of final assembly and construction of a Book-