Welcome to the Richard Ozanne Website
Welcome to the Richard Ozanne Website.

 Richard Ozanne is an Internationally recognized Artist who has exhibited his paintings in galleries Across the United States, Europe, New Zealand and Japan. His exciting and dynamic artwork is noted for his stylistic viewpoints which fuse modernism with more classical examples of painting, implementing a sense of fusion with the post-modern art of today.

  • " A most unique artist who brings the past historical elements in art beyond the present sense of abstract, surrealist in his paintings giving a fresh and profound artistic depth to early 21st Century Art..."  2006, The Academy, Turin Italy 
  • " A most interesting backgrounds of a American Artist that establishes both a degree...and pedigree of painting"  Marcel Asuqinazi, Gallery Owner  (Paris France)
  • " Gifted with a unique sense of nature...George Roualt, Gustave Klimpt, Egon Schiele" The Cover -Art Speak  Magazine, New York City, New York 

Small portions of his work (self-restricted from internet viewing) of Richard Ozanne can be viewed at Artists in Embassy  http://aiep.artistroster.org/portfolio.cfm?id=332 Website  

Private Showing Available of Latest Work 

His Biography is Listed in:

Presidential Who's Who, Marquise Whos Who, Encyclopedia of Living Artists, American Biographical, International Biographical, Commenduci (Italian Arts) in numerous editions 1990-2012.  

Ozannes Mediums: Oil, Acrylic, Tempera, Gouach, Casine, Printmaking and Composite Material.

Subject Matter: Abstract, Contemporary, Visual Design-The Landscape, Portrait, Figure, and Compositional Subject.






Richard Ozanne MFA International Honours